Strange behavior SSH console stops working

If I install CoreELEC on a 8 GB microSD card, everything works fine.

If I install CoreELEC on a 120 GB SSD or 32 GB microSD, everything works fine (SFTP, Samba, Kodi, tvheadend server, …) except the SSH command console, it is impossible to access it using PuTTY (after entering the right password the SSH server no longer responds). Error: ‘packet_write_wait: Connection to port 22: Broken pipe’.

Does anyone have any explanation for this strange behavior?

It has been fixed. I have not done anything, I have installed CoreELEC on an 8GB microSD card and I have entered SSH, then I have removed the microSD card and connected the SSD disk. Magically I can now enter SSH with my SSD hard drive.

2019-03-07: The problem was that the DHCP assignment of the IP address was duplicated in the router. FIXED.