Stuck on coreelec boot image after update


i have A95X (S905X16G/6G) which was running coreelec for last 6 month and updates
2 days back noticed popup showing new version downloaded and i switched off the device as usual
and yesterday i switched it on i have it stuck on the coreelec logo with below text error
"*** Error in prepare_sysroot: mount_common: could not mount /dev/SYSTEM *** "
" ### Starting debugging shell for boot step: prepare_sysroot . . . type exit to quit ### "

end if i type exit it show the same error again , and if enter twice it will show a long Debugging info
about CPU cores

any hint to recover from here without re-install and re scan my entire library and lose the watch status?

thanks in advance

Could be the partition is dirty?

i already have it installed on SD card i never overwrite the Android i keep both
as i need to use android sometimes.

could you let me know if this is recoverable , BTW i have CE installed on new sandisk 16GB C10 U1
and never have issue with that but maybe SD get corrupted,

and maybe the downloaded firmware file maybe corrupted
during download , but assuming there is hash checksum happening during update could prevent this

Sorry that I wasn’t clear to state the partition I meant is on an external storage, i.e. SD card.

If the partition on your SD card is dirty, you may need to take it to your computer to clean it. I have my CE on a microSD card and usually do this on a Linux desktop computer. Since CE is composed of two partitions, i.e. DOS (for the DATA) and EXT4 (for rootfs), I use both dosfsck -aw /dev/<DOS partition> and fsck -fy /dev/<Linux partition> to clean them, respectively.

If it does not work, perhaps you may need to manually upgrade your CE.

Or try a different SD card :wink: