Subtitle color

I’ve a weird subtitle trouble, to prevent rainbow effect I tried to use grey subtitles, the color change in TV show, but not in movies, did I miss a parameter?
(N2 with last CE version)

Some movies have built in subtitles, which are stored as images, you can’t change their color.
Kodi has some forcing options in the subtitle settings, try to tweak them, maybe you’ll find an option that works.

ah, I forget to mention it, it is -of course- for noy built in (embedded into images, can’t turn off) subtitles ;), will try to find this force option

so I’ve done some test, if I use external file for a movie it change text color (I never has to it since I forced it to check), but if it’s integrated into the mkv (by files multiplexing), it change nothing at all. I’ve tried all subtitles options seen in expert mode. It is maybe a kodi trouble, any idea?

Sounds like PGS type of subtitles in your movies, you can’t change their colors.

ok I didn’t suspect that these kind -PGS (image based)- of subtitles exist (and I can see it with MKVtoolnix, now I know what it mean), certainly a protection I imagine. Ok it’s clearer, sorry for this post :wink:

for more details, if it can help others, look here:

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