Sunvell q-box core-elec


I have an old Sunvell Q-BOX S905/ 2Gb RAM / 16GB

I’ve download and install the last Core-elec build 9.2.1 on a SD-CARD. I’ve copied and rename the gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit to the main directory.

When I insert the sdcard, it won’t boot on it. It will start as usual.

Please help


You can install an app to reboot update or use the toothpick method.

Ok thanks I’ll try and tell you if it works

Did it work? I also have a sunvell q box. s905x2, it was quite cheap, I bought it for somebody else, but unless my x96max and t95q, it does not boot the usb. Not reboot update, not with the tooth pick, not on the usb ports or with a sd card. It just does not start anything. As soon as I remove the usb stick with the new coreelec system it starts android normally.

I have no idea. I tried different usb sticks and cards. greetings