Support added for S905X2, S922X and A311D!
You find the original files and also how they look trough the X96Max.with all those strange horizontal coloured stripes.
Please note that the problem is common to all my 4K files (over 200 files Mkv and m2ts).
No one plays correct.

H96 or X96?

The box is X96Max 4g/32g

Hi, I got a t95q today which has Gigabit Ethernet. I am new to coreelec. Can you please let me now how to install a nightly build on this and what device tree to use?

I am fully aware that it may not work, but I would like to try and will report any issues here. Below is the device I have.

X96 Max 4/32 Coreelec nightly 22072019
amcodec hw
bd remux 4K hevc 2160/24p The Martian

You install nightly like you normally install CE: How to install CoreELEC
You need to use the S905X2_4g_1gbit DTB file.

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Yes, I know. What interesting, SPMC on android with amcodec play 4K the same, but mediacodec play perfect…

I have got the same problem with any 4K file Yes kodi in android plays without this problem

If you restored a backup from a S905X\S912 box, you need to read this post

Overscan is off in my TV

It’s in Kodi settings, but it’s possible there’s a DTB problem.

I am using S905X2_4g_1gbit DTB .How to disable overscan in kodi?

By reading the post I linked above.

where i find guisettings.xml?

No restored, it absolutely new setting only turned on dlna and play via network…

It works! You are a beast!!!

Edit: If a reboot, I need to put again the insmod command, that’s right? It uses the specified driver in the current “session” and after a reboot it uses again the system driver?

Thanks very much for the info. So I will download CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.1-nightly_20190722-Generic.img.gz

I understand the device tree is on the image and I just copy and paste the correct one. Will give it a try.

Don’t forget to rename the copied dtb to dtb.img in the root

Warning developers!
I haz dtb from X96 Max Android Pie 9.0 If you needs I can upload it

If I try to change kodi gui resolution from 1920x1080p to 3840x2160p I got the same coloured stripes as per my post # 137 and, after few seconds the gui resolution falls back to 1920x1080p