Support DreamTV Mini Ultra HD Amlogic S905X2

I have read some people where able to boot CE on DreamTv Mini, no idea about DreamTV Mini Ultra HD.
Team CoreELEC do not own any hardware from DreamTV so I guess I will need to work this out by yourself.

Why are you opening a new thread on the same topic which was closed 3 days ago ?

And you post a link to the product AGAIN.

I didn’t understand why it was closed. There is a topic in dreambox two that has not been closed. Why hasn’t the topic of dreambox two been closed? do not understand.

Why did you delete the ad link from dreamtv and dreambox two you didn’t delete ??

You didn’t ask any specific questions but just advertised this device in your last thread.
If you take a look into our forum guidelines, you will find a small but very clear section about advertising:

Just post specific questions, logs of failed boot processes and other things, and someone may be able to help you without your topic being closed again.

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thanks for the guidance.

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