Support for writable Android ID in coreelec?


i tried play TV streams of my providers on registred devices KI Pro according to Android ID, but Simple client PVR is not start play in Coreeelc, if is not identified android id on libreelec/coreelec. It is possible install support for “dedicated - writable” id android direct to Libeelec / Coreelec?


… sorry solved through tv headend. thx to afl1

I have absolutely no idea what Android ID you are referring to ??
What are TV streams from a provider requires Android ID mean ??

yes, i have iptv account from 2 iptv providers, and both check android id. If i play something through streams on mx player, everything going on registered device with android id. If i will play these secure streams on same device but with Simple client PVR on same device under Coreelec, it is not start. These secure streams “https” are not public from both providers, but going with any player, if device have registered android id in their database of iptv providers.

After factory reset is always generated new android id on device - attention! - therefore it is need writable android id. Your Android ID i possible check through this apk in first line:

I dont know, why iptv providers are stupid, and check Device ID instead if MAC address. Please calculate with this way of checking devices from side iptv providers. THX

No chance of Android ID or Whatever Android ID your providers are using will work with JEOS CoreELEC Pure Kodi.
Your providers are using some permissions i personally would NEVER allow on any Android device i own.
Your stuck with Android as far as using a provider with this method of logging in.

ok, through tv headend now is going. in one m3u8 (not m3u) was three m3u.