Sx05RE: Retro Emulation Kodi Addon for CoreELEC, released for testing


What gamepad do you have?


After you start Retroarch, can you SSH into your box, and type this:



Thanks so much for the quick replies.

PS3 gamepad, I’ll do the SSH thing tomorrow. Wife using the box atm :slight_smile:

Maybe some hope for the old Panny? I’d hate to have to ditch it.


Actually my Joypad is Chinese model: Data Frog
But when I start ES is recognized as Hongjingda HJD-X
This is the message from ES before start the rom

bmw x5 xdrive50i 0 60


Those Chinese gamepads are most of the times not included in the auto config, but you can configure it rather easy and share your configuration if you want me to include it in later releases.

you will need a keyboard to do this, follow this guide:


All right…I’ll do it but I have to find a USB Keyboard first.
Is this only for Retroarch or If I do it my Joypad will be recognize in ES too?


This is for retroarch, Es should prompt you to configure your gamepad when you first start it, doesn’t it?

Until I finish the automatic gamepad configuration script this is what needs to be done for unknown gamepads :frowning: sorry


Just to say the the same Joypad is recognized from Retroarch to my Laptop with Ubuntu 16.04
I also followed the configuration on first ES start. The Joypad is configured and works in ES menu, but when I start the rom this message appears and Joypad does not work in the game.


in Ubuntu, when you start Retroarch do you get the same name? Hongjingda HJD-X


I can’t check at the moment but this message "Hongjingda HJD-X is not configured " is when I start Emulationstation not Retroarch.


No, I think you are confusing them, ES does not display that message, at least not on the TV, it’s Retroarch that shows that message.

ES (on most emulators) just runs Retroarch when you select a game, if you got to that stage using your gamepad, then ES is already configured. Unless I am misreading somewhere.


OK…so I am in a big mistake then.
I thought that ES is just another program like Retroarch. I didn’t know that ES is something like a frontend on Retroarch. I didn’t know at all that ES just start Retroarch when you start to play a game. I think that if I have a keyboard I’ll configure my Joypad with Retroarch and everything will work OK. But the strangest is that my Joypad works in ES menu and I am able to change the menu settings, to choose my roms, but when I start the rom my Chinese Joypad stop to work.
I’ll investigate this issue and then will report the key of success :slight_smile:


This happens when you go into these apps in 720p (happens on my Bravia); I think only 1080p~ is presently supported.


In theory, all resolutions are supported, but they are just bitchy about it, that is why I need the result from the fbset command so I can see if its a resolution problem or another thing

CoreELEC:~ # fbset

mode "1280x720-0"
        # D: 0.000 MHz, H: 0.000 kHz, V: 0.000 Hz
        geometry 1280 720 1920 2160 32
        timings 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
        accel false
        rgba 8/16,8/8,8/0,8/24


hmmm why is Kodi under RA?

anyways, while that screen is there can you SSH and type 32 or 16

EDIT: nevermind that is not going to work, I forgot to include that script with the addon.

please type:
fbset -fb /dev/fb0 -g 1280 720 1280 1440 32
fbset -fb /dev/fb0 -g 1280 720 1280 1440 16


It isn’t; it’s fb corruption :-).

fbset -fb /dev/fb0 -g 1280 720 1280 1440 32

Fixed. Think we can get resolution switching added to the next rls for whatever the emulator is running as? I think the SoC only supports 720p as a minimum (Kodi gets super weird/overscan-ny on lower resolutions) but I haven’t looked at a sheet in a while.


I do have an auto switch script which is called but I deleted it by mistake from the add-on, you can manually add it, or wait for the next release which will include it :slight_smile:

sorry guys


All good bud; already at 60 stars in SM64 so thank you :slight_smile:


In another note, I think I successfully ported the Retropie scripts to auto config the game-pads, I just need more testing since I don’t seem to have any game-pads that are not auto configured. If anyone has a game-pad that is not auto configured or not working correctly in Retroarch and has access to SSH and wants to help me test, please let me know. Maybe @b_ignatov?