Sx05RE: Retro Emulation Kodi Addon for CoreELEC, released for testing


Thank you for this Shanti, I tried to compile the addon from git and discovered how much work you’ve put into this. I’ve got one system still running 1.6 for I guess 2 years now?
Great work!

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Thanks for the feedback I really appreciate it! :slight_smile: if you need any help compiling it let me know, I am glad to help!


It’s possible a emulationstation menu option for intercambiate A and B as exist in retroarch


Short of configuring it like that in ES input configuration (B as A and A as B) I am not sure an option to swap them exists in ES.



Tried this and it freezes on coreElec startup screen.

systemctl stop kodi


will need logs


Hi, I read in the description on github that in your release there is amiberry.
How do I activate it? basic for amiga PUAE is launched


I have a question regarding the PS3 (also the shanwan compatible) controllers connected via bluetooth.
I see a couple of posts saying that they may work, maybe with some custom es_input.cfg.
However, I came from Retropie, which is basically a debian distribution for RaspberryPi with Emulationstation and retroarch with some cores. With Retropie it is required to pair the PS3 controllers via sixad daemon, due to incompatibility with standard BlueZ stack and kernel 4.9. Here we are on kernel 3.14, so the question is, what is the configuration procedure for such controller?
@shanti Another question: what is the version of fbalpha core you build into the plugin?

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Amiberry is still in testing phase, you can run it manually until I figure out how to exit the emulator using the gamepad :confused:

you can start the emulator by SSH into your box and running

amiberry.start /path/to/game/game.lha

but like I said, it is still experimental, and I haven’t tested much.


Unfortunately I have never configured a PS3 gamepad before, the battery on mine is dead, so I tested it only wired. BTW do you mean sixpair? Sixpair is not included in the plugin but it can be included if needed.

This is the commit version of fbalpha included:


No, I mean sixad (this is a slight updated fork
It is an userspace helper utility used to pair the special Ps3 controller Bluetooth protocol. Bluez in recent kernel is able to pair them without requiring sixad, but kernel 3.14 should need it


ahh I will check it out, thanks

BTW: have you tried just connecting it using Kodi? I see a few patches that mention sixaxis for bluez

So maybe it will work ?



Thank you for this nice distribution, it works fine on my two different S912 devices. (Using full image)
I’m using real and fake PS3 remote controllers, I have just connected them to my boxes using an USB cable (required to update master device bluetooth address), click Home button, leds stop blinking, controller can be used, tested and configured. (Works fine with emulationstation, retroarch and Kodi)
No more additional tools/Kodi extensions have been installed.
Unplug USB cable, leds are blinking again, pair it using Bluetooth configuration menu, leds stop blinking, controller is connected using a wireless bluetooth connection.
It also works fine when box is started again, you just need to click Home button to initiate bluetooth connection.
Only issue I have is when I switch back to Android (Nand), bluetooth stops pairing after next reboot and I can’t reconnect controller anymore.
I must manually cleanup .cache/bluetooth folder (with Kodi or ssh), reboot, restart all process again and it works again. (I have tried to backup/restore bluetooth cache folder or disable bluetooth from Android settings without any sucess)


Not sure how this could be related, if you are booting using an SD card, all the settings should be self contained… but to be honest, I barely ever use Bluetooth, and haven’t use android in my box since I bought it :frowning:


thank you very much, I try. What is the command to install it on the mmc? installtointernal?


@dekani thanks for the input, it worked but the button press in emulationstation configuration is not stable, I see that others reported the same problem
@shanti how do you see to port in the plugin retropie? I mean, apart from some specific customization for RespberryPI that as far as I know are well contained, it is in the end a set of very useful wrappers and scriot that combine with Emulestation to add more configuration flexibility


@Menion yes, same random issues (and if if fails, you have no’ possibilty to exit properly) if I boot directly to emulationstation.
I have no more issues since I start Kodi by default. I have time to connect my controller while I’m Kodi, then after I start emulationstation using shortcut.


I start kodi first. I have used a es_input.cfg found few topics above when discussing of the same issue, but I don’t know if it is wrong or still the key press is not OK, I cannot do most of the hotkey+key, such hot key +start to exit


A full Retropie port is out of my scope/skills. But I have been trying to port some of the stuff they use, specifically the configuration parts, I already use some of their scripts (like the auto-gamepad config) but CE is missing a lot of commands needed to make it work as I want it.

I however started (not public yet) a new version called emuELEC (very temporary name, until I come up with a better one) which is a pure emulation image (no kodi, lots of other stuff that is not needed is also stripped), the reason being that I can install a lot more stuff that is needed by the RetroPie scripts, like a frame buffer terminal, bash, etc.

The plugin is just for people that want to have Kodi as their main focus and occasionally want to play some games as we all know RetroPlayer is still lacking in a lot of areas.

So that would bring it to 3 version:

  • Sx05RE stand alone, which is the whole package, it includes Kodi but mostly focuses on emulators. (which will probably die soon as it will be replaced but the next 2)
  • Sx05RE Add-on, which is meant to be installed in top of CE.
  • EmuELEC which is meant to be a pure emulation image, no Kodi or extra drivers and lots more features that I cannot implement in CE directly

Can you elaborate on the random issues?