Syncing data over the internet. Rsync or better option?

I am going to leave a S905x box at my parents home. I have mine at my house with with my media stored on a USB drive. I was thinking about using rsync from the network tools add-on to pull any new files I put on my USB drive, so I have a copy when I am at their house.
Has anyone tried this, or can anyone recommend a better option than rsync?

Rsync should be suitable for this job.

Or, here’s a thought: If hardware and library paths are identical, install KODI completely in portable mode on the USB stick. More precisely, install CoreELEC on the USB stick (portable mode, i.e. “Kodi.exe -p” is for Windows) and boot from there.

Can you explain how that will mirror my media to a remote location please.

Sorry, I meant USB drive instead of USB stick. It just sounds so portable but I’m not sure if CE can be installed there the same way as on a USB stick or card.

Another possibility could be to use Emby so you could watch from Local Drive at home and transcoded from Emby server when you’re away. I’m just thinking that completely syncing media must generate a ton of data.