System freeze when not in use

My Odroid N2 just randomly froze while not in use at all, as in the TV had been off for hours so whatever caused it wasn’t a playback error or really anything that I can figure out.

Here’s my crash log:

I am not an expert but it is not necessary to know that your system is a disaster. You are using CoreELEC but your kodi is version 18.6 compiled on 2020-04-12.


Do a clean install of CoreELEC and don’t use any previous backup.

I’m not “using” anything. I haven’t done any manual install or anything like that. This is just what auto updated to And I don’t know what you’re talking about with my Kodi version. The Version Info on my screen is 18.8 Git: (long code) - 2020-08-14

so I don’t know what kind of crash log you have put

Do you happen to have TVheadend Client or another TV Client installed on your N2? Have you noticed Kodi rebooting when the N2 is idle doing nothing?

I think there is a old crash log.

Delete all log files in /storage/.kodi/temp, reboot and try to reproduce the error and upload the logs again.

This is the first time I noticed this error and I don’t have TVheadend or anything like that on my system.

And @Portisch I used the Coreelec log upload option to send the log - it looks like it didn’t register the freeze and uploaded a crash log from a few months ago. Here’s the last thing in the regular log before freezing (auto-updating my addons).

WARNING: CPythonInvoker(9, /storage/.kodi/addons/ the python script “/storage/.kodi/addons/” has left several classes in memory that we couldn’t clean up. The classes include: N9XBMCAddon4xbmc7MonitorE

Could an addon auto-update have frozen an unused system? If not, if there some other place to look because that’s all that’s the last entry in yesterday’s log.

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