TAB Key, meson-ir & ODROID-N2


Just replaced my IR remote with one from an old android box.
I was able to create a rc_keymap file. Mostly everything is working as it should, all apart from one button that I’ve setup to send the TAB key.

The TAB key should send you back to fullscreen video if you are in a menu.
In my keymap, I have the following:

0x143 KEY_TAB

I know the hex for the key is ok, I see it when I run:
ir-keytable -p NEC,RC-5,RC-6,JVC,SONY -t

I can also map the key to other functions other than KEY_TAB and that works ok.

If I send the TAB using SSH, then I see the desired functionality (returning to video)
kodi-send --button=TAB

So it seems I have a problem with the KEY_TAB function itself…
Does anyone have any pointers on what I could do to debug this further?


You are mistaken Keyboard keys with IR Keys. eventlircd converts Keyboard keys into Lirc keys. If you really want this mask eventlircd.service with systemctl.

Ah ok, that’s helpful. I wasn’t aware of the difference between keyboard key-presses and the IR ones.

I’ve had a play, if I mask the eventlircd service so it doesn’t start then my remote doesn’t seem to work at all. I need to dig a bit deeper into this service and the different rules. I suspect this is the key to the behaviour I want.

I also tried work round it by trying to map the kodi fullscreen video function, to the IR remote button. However when using the keymap editor addon, that sees the remote button as “tab”. I may still be able to do this, by changing the rc_keymap and trying again… but this approach is probably a bodge.

My desired outcome, is to be able to press a button on the remote and that would take me back to fullscreen video [if I’m in a menu]. The same behaviour as pressing tab on a keyboard or pressing the full screen OSD button. I just can’t seem to get my ahead around the correct approach to the solution.


Well the mesonir is based on rc_maps that actually works as a keyboard. The Problem is that Kodi does not understand all keycodes thats why eventlircd maps them to LIRC keys. I am not sure that KEY_TAB equals Tab key of a keyboard. If it does masking eventlircd will help on the expense pf losing other keys that of course can be remapped. Good luck.

I managed to bodge it in the end, with a combination of modifying the file in rc_keymaps for the remote button I wanted and the kodi keymap itself.

You were right KEY_TAB does’t seem to be like a keyboard tab as far as kodi was concerned.
Also there are many “keys” [from LIRC] that KODI doesn’t like to use (using the keymap addon).

I settled on mapping the remote key to KEY_NUMERIC_STAR
Then mapping “Toggle Fullscreen” to that, which shows as 40. That worked.

I had a really good look round eventlircd, looking at the rules to see if I was bumping into any specific mappings set in the .evmap files. But checking the output from:
devadm info -q all /dev/input/event1


Looking at that file, there wasn’t any specific remapping being done.

There is certainly more to this… that I don’t understand and I’m sure there there is more elegant solution. However for now the bodge wins.

Thanks for your help.

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