Tanix TX5 plus S905x3 4/64GB 1000Mbps lan


i ve take a look on the forum , but nothing found .
does the tx5 plus (tanix) is supported ? ?

evry help , or advice will be appreciated ::slight_smile:


Go to coreelec.org and download the build for generic S905x3. Then you can try the corresponding dtb. If your box really has those features I would start with sm1_s905x3_4g_1gbit.dtb

OK :ok_hand:
Tanks ! :slight_smile:

Soir to Boring you , but , where car i find the coreelec noob guide ? (Beginer guide ?)

This should help

Thanks a lot , !!!
Will try it quicly.

Alain thanks for your help :slight_smile:

humm …
tried the toothpick method … led display say booting … screen stay black.

installed the terminal emulator apk and use the reboot update command , device is rebooting , few second after is display (on led display) boot … but nothing , screen stay black :-/ doh

Did you pick the right dtb and renamed it to dtb.img placing it in the root of the uSD card?

no , i m a stupide :frowning:

i must RTFM !!
for information using a usb stick drive only the left usb port is booting .
corelec is booted now, it s waiting on config screen , (just at this moment )

can t configure it , remote seems to be not working , curious .

Use USB keyboard to configure.
After this read how to configure the remote - pls use forum search

sorry .
i will take a look on the forum , before writing next time .