Tanix TX5 Pro - Unable to boot from sd card

I’ve tried to install CE on Tanix TX5 Pro S905X by using a sd card.
The box just gets stuck on the Amlogic logo and refuses to proceed.
After multiple tries I gave up and went with an USB - the box has installed CE on the first try and now boots up from the USB key as it should.
But I still can’t make it to boot from a sd card.
Any experience?

I would zero fill the sd card. I use http://www.lowlevelformat.info/zero-filling.aspx

then either try re-writing the image using rufus or balenaetcher

or I would clone the usb to sd using clonezilla (I frequently clone another usb/sd using this)

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Thank you bubblegum57!!! :grinning:

As per advice I zero-filled the sd card via the low level format app in your link.
Then re-wrote the image with rufus - done!
The box now boots up from the sd card slot.
Greatly appreciate your help!

Windows users can use diskparts clean command to achieve same. Just FYI.

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