Terratec Cinergy TC2

Hi. I am a user of coreelec and dvb-t tuner on Realtek RTL2832 chipset and everything is OK, I bought a new dvb-t2 tuner this time, Terratec Cinergy TC2 unfortunately tvheadend does not detect it. What can I do to make it visible through tvheadend?

Have you tried all the driver modules? Dvb-latest and crazycat?

Yes I tried, coreelec default drivers, drivers for TBS and driver from the latest kernel.

I found such a thread on another forum but I don’t know how to do it in the Coreelec system.

When you use CoreELEC 19 Matrix you can try this crazycat addon.

Open a SSH connection and run:

cd downloads
megadl https://mega.nz/file/6HxCWbaQ#-Eyff6cA4fSI3s4HcztteVz7hjJCK1kxijH3TtAMKLc

Then install the addon from zip file.
Or you just download driver.dvb.crazycat-19.0.0.zip on any other way and install it on your device.

Please remember to reboot once after install the addon!

Hi. Thanks a lot for your quick help. On Coreelec Matrix 19 on tv-box x96 mini it detects the tuner in tvheadend after installing driver.dvb.crazycat-19.0.0.zip. Is there a chance that it will work on the older version of Coreelec on the tv-box on the s912 chipset? Shouldn’t it detect DVB-T2 ? The attached picture shows only DVB-T.

Everything is Ok, the description is actually DVB-T but it normally searches for DVB-T2 programs. On the tv-box with the s912 chipset, the attempt to install the driver.dvb.crazycat-19.0.0.zip does not work because there is a problem with dependencies. Is there a version of these drivers for older versions of the Coreelec system? Thank you.

No, only for CE-19

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