Testers wanted: GXL, 1GB RAM devices, Amlogic-ng

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@Portisch How are things now with respect to the dtb files and the proper workings of the s905x? Are most issues solved now? Will the proper dtb files be included in the next CE stable release? And if not, is there anything i can / should do to help?

Nothing to do anymore. All is setup in nightly already and what is working in nightly should work in next release to. Most changes are already included in last 19.2-Matrix_rc2 release.

Great! Nice to know that our effort wasnt for nothing. I’ve enjoyed working with you together. Fun to have a remote session-in a vm - connected to a serial console at work, controlled from acros the globe. If at one time my assistance could contribute to the project, please let me know. I’m more then willing to help.

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