Testing 8.95.3 - several issues

@ronbaby @nd299
I still think that this is a Kodi issue.
Either way, if it reproduces on LibreELEC, I suggest you open a ticket at Kodi.

Thank you for testing, this is very interesting. I also confirmed your tests: it only happens when resolution = 1080p and refresh rate = 60Hz

Omg you’re right, i installed android kodi leia and it has the same problem: when resolution = 1080p and refresh rate = 60Hz, the video calibration settings are lost after restart.

So it is a Kodi Leia problem. But how is it possible the people at Kodi haven’t noticed, there must be hundred times more “testers” right?

Possibly, unless no one has reported the issue before.
Try to search their forum or the bug report site.

Yeay! I made bug report in GitHub/xbmc (#14700), and finally they are fixing it in pull request (#14744)