Testing RAM size

I was perusing this discussion thread and noticed how the Chinese has manipulated the stock uboot to show a fake number in RAM size. I don’t know about you all, but this really worries me. So, is there a solid way to check the real size of a RAM in an Android TV Box through a software hack? For a USB storage, I use this f3 (Fight Flash Fraud) utility to check its real storage size. Is there such a utility in either Android or CE to solidly test the RAM size of any Android TV Box?

ssh into CoreElec when running on that device and issue the following command


Post back its output.
It should show RAM and RAM use.

Yes and I am aware of using free utility to check RAM. But, what I am not aware of is if this free utility will report a fake size in RAM.

It’s only in Android that the fake RAM amount is reported afaik.

Best way to avoid this is to stop buying cheap boxes and buy a trusted one.

to be more specific, the android kernel and partially uboot. This has e.g. Beelink done on GT1 Ultimate with S / N B706DGGXXXXX.