The Future: Odroid N2

I don’t know if it will ever work, it’s possible that it will some day, but I doubt it. Anyway, I wouldn’t count on it if this is the only thing that matters for you.
No I can’t. I don’t have a S912, and I won’t be making silly comparison video anyway. the GPU on the S922X is considerably more powerful than the one on the S912, and it’s not limited by the libhybris layer, so it will be much faster at 3D stuff.

Probably. But after customs and shipping the cost might be similar.

Just to check, does it boot from USB like S912/905 boxes, or only from SD/eMMC ?

Thank you for your answers. It’s quite exciting. However I could have passed the criticism “silly”. Finally, the HDMI 2.1 -> VRR reduces micro-stuttering. But above all the following features would be a nice progress! QMS, QTF and ALLM, Miss boutabout this would increase the overall feeling of responsiveness of the interface. especially when switching from one video format to another.

A regret anyway for the dolby vision :frowning:

TBH I haven’t tried. I think @Ray would have a better idea about media boot capabilities.

None of us have HDMI 2.1 capable TVs to even attempt to test any of these features.

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Same question to you, does it boot from USB like S912/905 boxes, or only from SD/eMMC ?

Yes I guess, it’s still a bit early. But in 3 years we will have a lot of HDMI 2.1 TV. Deeply.
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Of course its possible! it’s a linux device after all…
Just find a repo with it, or compile from source

@Bindou if you read the first posts of this thread you can see that we have said that the UI is way more responsive and runs at full 60fps, it behaves as well as Kodi on a PC now.

I don’t understand what you mean by jackets? The SoC is also S922X not X922.


I still have no idea what you mean by jacket or sleeves.

This is with the GUI set at 3840x2180.


Skins ?


I assume you mean S912?

The Odroid N2 does not suffer from the same kind of laggy experience that you get on the S912, everything is more responsive, faster and smoother, even the image seems sharper, upscaling is better, it blows the S905 and S912 out of the water in terms of user experience and as I said before it’s comparable with running Kodi on x86, I really think this SoC will be a game changer.

A few of our developers have changed to using the N2 as a daily driver now and are extremely happy with it and I’m sure once users start to receive theirs that this will be echoed further by them.


Dolby Vision is proprietary from Dolby, and requires licensing. CoreElec, Linux, Kodi are open source. You’re sniffing up the wrong tree if you want Dolby Vision…


How are people running the CE on the N2, off of SD cards ?

Runs well from both SD and eMMC. Mine runs off eMMC now, as it’s faster than SD.

In this case, hope that a Dolby Vision to HDR10 + converter is born.

Why? The S922X doesn’t support HDR10+.

But by the way, is not Dolby Atmos also the owner ?
So why does you work, and not the Dolby Vision?

eMMC has to bought extra to the board. There is no onboard NAND as far as I could see ?