Titan skin

Hi all

I try to use Titan with 9.0.2 on a minix U9H but the skin always crash when I try change the settings.
I try with the same skin version with Leia alpha 1 on window and it works good.
Some of you have an idea what I can do wrong ?

I don’t think Titan for Leia is being worked on currently and it’s buggy/broken right now. Hopefully it will be updated before Leia is released but in the meantime I’d recommend using another skin.

thanks any suggest for a nice skin ?
I was using one raw small square on titan with Netflix categories sorted.

Mimic is a nice simple/elegant skin and is mostly working on Leia. Favourites is Still broken.

Very few of the skins have been ported, and those that have been partially ported can be found within the Coreelec repository.


There’s only one - Estouchy