To Tidal or not is the question?

I trying to get Tidal working running CoreElec on my Ugoos AM6 pro but it is not working.
I bought the High End description for high end audio but when I enter the username and password it does nothing, no response. Does anyone have Tidal running?.

Please elaborate about this! How did you manage to get Tidal on Linux?

It’s in the ad-on of the CoreElec library and just installed it. So I am curious if anyone is running this Tidal app? I did also ask the question to the Tidal support but they don’t understand the CoreElec part.

install this. it works with flacs and mqas as well.

Yes I downloaded the Tidal2 on a stick and did use the install from ZIP but the ap says it while installing that it needs Python 3.0. ? I was searching on the web but is there a Python version for CoreElec and where can I find it? I was looking at but nope…

You need upgrade to CE 19.2 Matrix

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