Treat 864x480 video as SD

I am trying to watch the live stream of a local TV channel in the Philippines. For some reason the Amlogic HW decoder cannot handle it. There are constant frame drops and video stutters, enough to make it unwatchable. Setting the h264 decoder for only h264 and up still sends 864x480 channels to the HW decoder. I have verified this with other streams as well. When I set it to never it will go to SW and the problematic stream plays with no issues. This obviously isn’t an ideal solution because I will need to go back into the menus to change it every time I want to watch a HD stream. It would be nice to see video at this resolution treated as SD.

I suspect that it is the Kodi element itself that is identifying the stream as HD as I have some files that are of a not too dissimilar resolution as your streams and Kodi on x86 platforms identifies them as 720p, even though they fall outside of the actual definition.

So it may well be worth posting the same question over at the Kodi forums as they may be the ones that would make the change, although I also suspect that they may say no if you mention AMLogic.

There may well be other reasons for the issue, so if you can bring up the on screen display to see more information about the stream (codec etc) then the information contained may help developers.

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