Trees Beelink MiniMXIII II 2GB


Hi, can someone please explain where to find the right trees for Beelink MiniMXIII II 2GB?
Edit: Or config file for remote :wink:


If you can not find information by yourself. I do not recommend *Elec.
Here they say that dtb you have to use: ❓ Which DTB do I use?
And to configure the remote: How to configure IR remote control


Yes, i known the links… But where is the file? It says “from the device_trees folder on your sdcard/flash drive to the root folder of your sdcard/flash”?
There is no such folder on the SD. I had to use the tree from Liberec thread.


What image did you use?
When you burn a CE image to the SD card, one of the items on it will be a folder called device_trees. If you don’t have that, you either used an image for an SBC (such as KVIM/LePotato/etc.) or the SD burn process wasn’t successful, because you’re missing files.

LibreELEC DTBs won’t work.


You right, i used the image for kvim because there is no one for s905x… So i think i should use the one for s905?


Yes, the S905 image is for all S905* variants.


Thank you very much…
Nevertheless… The tree from libreelec worked and I was also able to boot the image… Everything seemed to work besides the original remote :wink:


There are other things that could break, possibly during\after an update. Or things you haven’t caught yet.
In general it’s a bad idea to mix and match DTBs. Often, when a user has some obscure problem we can’t figure out, it’s often due to the wrong DTB used. Such issues waste both the users’ and our time, that’s why we always insist that the build-matching CoreELEC DTBs are always used with our releases.


If you take the time to read How to install CoreELEC (in the HowTo section, in case you can’t find it), and the Which DTB do I use? thread, you will find the answers. A read through the forum, will confirm that you’re pretty much doing everything you are advised not to. It’s not really surprising you have issues if you refuse to follow simple guidance that is readily available. Please read through the information already provided to you before wasting everyone’s time asking such fundamental questions. :wink:

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Now I used CoreELEC-S905.arm-8.95.3.img and the right trees gxl_p212_2g from device_trees and… the box does not boot…
This time I did everithing right… strange
Edit: Changed the SD card, now it is booting :slight_smile:


The dodgy SD card strikes again! :crazy_face:
At least you tracked it down :grinning: