Trigger partition resize again?

Hi, I’m wanting to get coreelec setup how I like it then take an image. One problem I’ve found is no two memory cards seem to be the same size. So if I take a 16gb image and get a new sd card the image is sometimes too big. I was wondering if I maybe set it up and took my image on a 4gb card is there any way to trigger a partition resize again like coreelec does on its first boot to the full size of the sd card? It’s a pain messing with Linux partitions from Windows so an easy way like it does on first boot would be great.

It’s easier to use the backup tool, or just copy & paste the addons and userdata folders. There’s no need to overcomplicate it, all I ever do is copy /paste and everything turns out fine.

It’s easier to just have a premade image I can burn though and then it just boots and updates itself and works. Especially for non technical friends and family where a clean install the remote doesn’t even work out the box, or configuring the screen, doing advanced settings etc, that’s all way beyond them but they can just about write an image to a card.

It is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Use the CoreELEC backup tool to make a full system backup (this includes passwords, usernames, addons, settings, remote configuration files, etc.).
  2. Perform a clean install of CE onto the new boot media. Writing the disk image will create a 512mb boot partition. The remainder of the drive will be resized during installation as storage.
  3. Import the backup.

I have always used Betatesters method which is most convenient. Never understood the need for a premade / cloned image when just restoring from backup is easy as 1,2,3 :wink:

Thanks, but the level of users I’m helping getting the ip, transfering files over smb/ftp is beyond them, theyy can just about handle me talking them through writing an image.

Resizing the partition is an integral part of the installation process.
My suggestion is: to create the image, use a smaller SD card than the one users will be installing.
For example, use a 16GB card to create the image, and tell the users to buy 32GB cards. They are priced close enough to not matter much.

Cheers, that seems like a reasonable solution, not sure why I’d not thought of that as an easier option!

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