Trying to reinstall 8.90.2 tvheadend - dependencies

After having some problems on 8.90.3 and 8.90.4 I decided to revert to 8.90.2. Only problem is that I had no backup (that’ll teach me!). So I decided to do a fresh install and setup using 8.90.2, turning off auto-update as soon as possible and installing Tvheadend Server 4.2 which was fine. All went well until I tried to install the Tvheadend HTSP Client which gave an error: The dependency on Kodi binary instance pvr version 5.10.1 could not be satisfied.

I suppose it’s because the repository has moved on? Is there any way to get the versions that were in existence when 8.90.2 was released?

You can find the old versions of add-ons in our GitHub add-ons repository, just use the history function, you will have to install the zips manually though.

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