TS file skipping


Good to hear, thanks


I have similiar observation (dunno if .ts only, spotted also on mp4 and internet video streams). Unfortunatelly I need audio 175ms earlier (for TV through offline AVR). I have 175ms without problem on previous 7.0.3 :frowning: Playing with it two days, symptom [100159.266293@2] vidioc_qbuf skip: index:190708:190707. I dont tested LE 9 Beta yet…

I have 8.95.7 from 3.1, will try nightly then. :slight_smile: (side question, for manual copy files to the /flash, could I use CoreELEC-S905.arm-9.0-nightly_20190109.tar, or I need extract fat partition from CoreELEC-S905.arm-8.95.7-Odroid_C2.img.gz?)

EDIT: Testing 20190109, I noticed that audio has slight delay in menu (kodi sounds). So far the playback looks much better, I didnt notice skipped frames yet (two configurations). Delayed Kodi sounds would be nice to have also fixed, but if I would choose between video issues, and sounds in menu… I would disable kodi sounds :slight_smile: (not sure if menu sound delay is caused by the same fix for the skip frames@video)


Are you saying, the audio is behind the display?
E.g. you switch a menu entry, see it on the TV and a bit later you hear the sound?
That’s strange. In most cases it is the opposite because of the video processing in most modern TVs.

Did you enable any special audio processing options in your AVR?
Does your AVR provide the above mentioned auto delay/auto lip sync option?


Yes, audio is little bit delayed (Kodi menu). This happened the same way after update 8.59.7 to nightly on both configurations:

C2 - HDMI - Phillips TV. Adjust refresh rate disabled, Video sync to display ON, 50Hz

C2- HDMI - AVR (offline passthrough) – Panasonic TV. Adjust disp. to refresh rate ON, Video sync OFF.

AVR seems to provide auto/delay, although I didnt turn AVR ON yet (with updated nightly). I am using Audio offset only for C2-TV and C2-AVR(offline)-TV. When AVR is ON, I am not using audio offset and with 8.95.7 was lip sync allright (with AVR auto sync enabled).

But! the nightly doesnt seems to cause lip/sync delay. Just Kodi sounds delay, when moving menu. When I play video, sync is fine on the same value offset -175ms, which was setuped also for 8.95.7, and was/is spot on (but with video frame skips).

8.95.7 - Kodi menu sounds OK, lipsync ok at -175ms, video skips
nightly - Kodi menu sounds little bit late, lipsync ok at -175ms, no video skips so far (short period of testing but very promising)

P.S.: the offset value +/-; Kodi just saying earlier, but you set “earlier” by pressing right on audio offset scale… So its kinda relative, to be perferctly clear. Anyway, I dont think polarity matters.


At least it sounds like your audio delay is consistent across GUI and movies in the latest nightly, now.
During movie playback you are adjusting it to -175ms to let it be in sync with the video.
The GUI does not provide such an option and the video is delayed.

The real question is: Why is the sound delayed at all in your setup?
Can someone with a C2 confirm this behavior?


Well, I have quite long history with OE/LE +Rpis, and I dont remember I ever had Menu sounds delay (maybe there was but not noticeable, only few ms?). But for videos, in 80% cases I must setup at least 80ms for direct TV (and a bit more for AVR, depends on TV/AVR), its a known thing and it corresponds as you wrote with video signal processing.

Maybe the render system changed, but I can tell I didnt notice kodi sound delay in CoreELECs before, but I noticed it immediatelly after update to nightly. Cant estimate ms, but it could be 175ms.

Panasonic https://streamable.com/u8ham
Phillips https://streamable.com/9caer

Would be good if someone could confirm this, maybe it is combination of some of latest change? But again, if is this needed to have video without frame skipping even with audio offset, then I can live with that…

Forgot to mention, didnt using hdmi passthrough i tests I describe, as TV’s cant decode all codecs/number of speakers, I am using audio passthrough only when using AVR


Allright, I did rest of tests today @nightly, with AVR and audio passthrough. Seems, that “Auto Delay” function on AVR doesnt work anymore. But I can setup audio offset manually of course (-125ms for the AVR + projector).
Menu sound delay is present. Frame skipping seems to be solved -no matter if AVR on the way or audio passthrough enabled/disabled - with that release.

Will do more testing with AVR used in HDMI path today.


Logically, it doesnt make sense to me, but I can confirm, that Menu kodi sounds delay is gone, when I turn audiooutput.streamsilence (“Keep audio device alive”) from original 1 (minute) to 0 (disabled).

Will test if that returns back AVR auto lipsync also later.


That’s really strange and I’ve never heard about this issue before.
But I have to admit, that I generally disable these annoying GUI sounds.


Me neither, never before CoreELEC-S905.arm-9.0-nightly_20190109 with audiooutput.streamsilence 1 (which is I believe default option and I assume it was there since beginning, when I started use CoreELEC.

Anyway, first AVR tests concludes, that AVR auto delay for lipsync doesnt work with that version/settings, audio offset must be setuped.