TV Box HAKO MiNi (S905Y4) e Tanix W2-A (S905W2) – S4 platform - The image COREELEC_20.1_Nexus_nightly_20230121-Generic booted

Hello everybody. I inform you that I managed to initialize CoreELEC on the Tv Box TANIX W2-A - S905W2 - 2GB and HAKO MiNi - S905Y4 - 4GB (the latter is certified by Google and Netflix) with the image COREELEC_20.1_Nexus_nightly_20230121-Generic.img.

I just booted up, getting to the initial welcome screen and to settings. I didn’t do other tests and I didn’t verify if the network works, because I still don’t use CE. My focus is EmuELEC and I was trying to make this frontend work.

Before anyone says I’m in the wrong forum, I have to say that my only intention is to let you know that it works, because perhaps these devices are a good option for those using CE.

I didn’t find open threads about these SoC’s, so I opened this one and I won’t be bothered if it’s closed by admins.

(I used google translator.)

Thanks for posting. The Hakomini should be of interest…it offers LPDDR4 and at a reasonable price.

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Yes, I paid a good price considering the one I bought is well built, has 4GB of memory and is certified. But I have to repeat that I don’t know how it will work with CE!
And you touched on a point I hadn’t realized: the memory is DDR4!

Thanks for posting, just wish I could find one with GbE

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This is the Achilles heel of the TV box. Those are 10/100.

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