TV will not upscale

Hi all,

CE 8.99.2, TX92 (S912) plus new HDMI 2.0 cable from TX92 -> TV.

I’m trying to get my new Samsung NU8000 to upscale from 1080p to 4K and I’m not having much luck. Set kodi to output 1080p but the TV will not upscale, it will however upscale to 4K when a 4K video is played, but not with a 1080p video.

Trying to establish if the problem is the TV setup or CE/Kodi.

dispinfo2 ->

debug log

Any help appreciated.

If the picture fills the screen when you’re at 1080P, then the TV is doing upscaling.
If it wasn’t doing any upscaling, you’d see a small image in the center of the screen, surrounded by a thick black border.

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Thank you @TheCoolest for your reply. I guess where I went wrong is when I press the info button on the TV remote and it says 1080p that is input resolution. Where I was assuming it was the display resolution.

Thanks again.