Tvheadend Bouquet Question

There are almost a couple of hundred Bouquets generated by Tvheadend automatically, and re-generated if any are deleted.

I am trying to find a means to permanently delete selected Bouquets from the listings.
Actually I want to delete all the auto-generated ones, so that the only remaining Bouquets are ones I generate myself.

So … does anyone know a means of getting rid of unwanted Bouquets - permanently?
Either my search terms are off or there is little or no info on line for such actions.


I don’t think, there is a way to permantly delete the scanned bouquets.
I just disabled them. This way they are not being re-synced again during channel scanning and only my own bouquets are going to stay enabled.

Yes, I have them all disabled, but do want to permanently delete them, just have not found a means to do so. :frowning:

Apparently I am not the only one in this situation. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your post. :wink:

I have turned of scanning when idle and that seems to work plus a converted list from Enigma2 and in my Kodi I can see only the channels from my converted list.

I think you misunderstand.
I am not concerned with the channels, but with the bouquets.
I want to delete them and not have them re-populate, leaving only my own bouquets for the channels I wish to view.

I’m talking about both, if you disable scan in idle - TVH won’t (re)create any bouquets keeping the ones you already have.

You mean disable scanning completely or only just for idle?

No scanning would mean no up-to-date information on new or changed muxes and thus inability to find channels that might change frequency or any new channels that get added, would it not?

Yes, you would have to manually update your channel list and muxes once in a while. I’m updating my channel list + buquets and muxes once in a month.

I tried setting things up as you described.
I was able to delete most of the bouquets - source dvb-bskyb
I was unable to delete approx a dozen whose source is dvb-fastscan

All seemed good for a while, until I attempted to update the EPG, which brought all the bouquets back.

This is not going to work for me. :frowning:

I reverted the settings to idle scan.

Also I noted that

Bouquets are usually obtained automatically from the DVB source during the mux scan period.

The fastscan bouquets are pre-defined in the configuration tree.

It seems it will not be an easy task.
I do not use any of those pre-defined muxes, from either source.


I found this post from about 6 months ago …

I found that file on my main PC


but have no idea where it might be hiding in CoreElec.

ssh to CE and run the following:
find / -name "fastscan"

I had already tried but it failed to find it unfortunately :frowning: