TVheadend choppy

I too use 20200415 and TVH constantly but have not experiences any issues.

I did find that 20200413 caused all manner of corruption to TVH config but 20200415 did not exhibit any issues.

If your fresh install included adding other elements and addons then try again solely with TVH and see if that helps as it might potentially eliminate or point to a conflict with something new being introduced.

I am talking about 9.2.2 stable, where THH-clientis not using HW-decoding as well as Kodi itself using much more (/too much) ressources, compared to 9.1.2 on an S905X3

UPDATE 20200509: Did a Clean-Install on my Khadas Vim3L of CoreElec 9.2.2 with recent TVheadend server+client from repo. --> Video is Choppy after 3seconds, until it even freezes CoreElec completely

Decoding is == SOFTWARE, though settings are: USE HW = ALWAYS
(this only refers to the TVHcleint under 9.2.2. latest 9.1.2 nightly works flawlessly, so do my other devices (iphone + android)

Can you advise the source of these streams ??

Is it DVB-T which i use all the time with no issues.

It’s (german) DVB-C (Vodafone / former Unitymedia)

As said: under latest 9.2.1 nightly working fine since CoreElec 9.0.x

Could you upload 30seconds record for this channel?

it is all channels / is iPhone footage OK ?
…else please tell me exactly how to do so. :smiley:

No, I mean some sample on that we could try to repeat issue.

Can you enable recordings in tvh server webui? It’s under configuration and then recording. You can set a location in storage and then get the recording and upload here or link it. Please say if you have some problems achieving this.

i think he can just hit record button within OSD on CE when watching channel… easiest way, but recording path needs to be defined (not sure about default values, 30s sample shouldnt be problem even for USB sticks I guess).

Yes, if it’s configured but as he asked how to record I assumed it wasn’t prepared to do so.

Here are the samples: Record.TS and offscreen.mp4 from the screen

  • records plays good
  • this coincides with having a proper playback on other devices!
  • No harware accelleration (see offscree), though configured in settings!
  • the TVH Client is increasing its CPU usage until all cpus are 99% and stalls (happens in offscreen_video at the end)
    No network issues or else are the cause ! ( I am an infrastructure architect for networks, trust me I’m an engineer! :smiley: ) And as said: CE 9.0.x to 9.1.2 latest work flawlessly!

Yep, your video plays fine…
But on your original stream I see 10bit output and SW decoding…
In that case may be some settings on your box…
Please collect logs from this box after playing this choppy tv channel

HI. Started the box and straight went to the same channel as yesterday - stopped video after around 10 seconds ::

And to add: This is from my freshly installed Khadas Vim 3L (s905d3) // absolutely the same happens on my X96 Max+ (s905x3)

Just to clarify 1 step… Did you make some backup restore on this boxes?

Can u please download 9.2.2 again and update the system? Even better update to last nightly. It’s like 9.2.2 with some hot fixes.

yes - this was restored from my 9.1.2_final backup.
(because It is a sore, to install and confire THV_server again

and the TVH_server runs fine !! just the client is “broken” since not using HW decoding --> also did an uninstall of THV-Cleint - reboot an a clean install of TVH-Client :: no change

will do the same with latest 9.2.2 nightly (though I don’t want to have the “new update available” messages each day :: I want a static config on each major release.

Since 9.1.2_final does neither support s905x3 nor s905d3 I updated to 9.2.2 because latest 9.1.2_nightly. always brings up this message. :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

2020-05-14 20:18:26.755 T:4062105616 ERROR: AML: no rw on /dev/video1

2020-05-14 20:19:22.273 T:3923743616 ERROR: AML: no proper permission, please contact the device vendor. Skipping codec...

Do you have some grabber device on this box?
I see Hyperion.NG addon.
Try to disconnect it or and disable Hyperion.NG addon and check.

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Try fresh/clean install without the restored backup. Something in the backup “kill” your system.

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