TVheadend import

Hi Folks,

i am currently using simple IPTV addon, but would really like to be able to pause TV. i read TVheadend can do this. i set it up on my s905x box, and got it running and am able to watch / switch channels, however, i have few issues maybe someone will know the answer?

1 i spent many, many, hours setting up my m3u in a specific channel order, i don’t have channel numbers in the m3u. i simply set Kodi to sync channel order with back end and i get everything the way i want with simple iptv addon. TVheadend appears to import the channels in a random order - is there a way i can force it to import the channels in the same order as they appear in the m3u?

2 some of my channels are not always active - some live sport events for example are only on line when the event is in progress. TVheadend does not import these unless i scan while they are up. - is there a way i can have TVheaded import channels from m3u without scanning them, so this type of channel still shows up and will work when the event is on / channel is live without need for me to do anything more?