TVHeadend to PLEX

Hi, I’m running Plex on Synology and I would like to try to add TVH channels to PLEX but the only way to make PLEX see the TVH is to make it look like HDHOMERUN. And the tool to do that is called TVHproxy. But I found Ubuntu guide only, which doesn’t work on CoreElec. Any idea how to instal it on CE? Thank you.
Here’s the Ubuntu guide:

I tried all sorts of things to get this working. I found a cheap HD homerun & use that.

Things to google for Docker running tvh,


What device is your tvh server on?

I wrote this some time ago, but I don’t think it actually works.

This is how i got tvhproxy working on my NUC

Install Docker.

ssh into your device

docker pull chvb/docker-tvhproxy

docker run -d \

-p 5004:5004/tcp \

-e TVH_URL=“http://admin:1234@” \


admin is my user 1234 is my password

On the shield webpage, add ip address manually, followed by the port


I’m running it on Mecool KIII Pro and Plex on Synology 918+.
I can’t use HDhomerun, because it doesn’t support DVB-S.

List of containers, you need one for amlogic or libreelec

I just found this

The above post uses a docker image for intel, if you use docker, you need one for amlogic

Also worth looking into xTeVe.
It’s also a proxy to TVheadend but has much more features than tvhproxy and includes a nice web interface for all configurations.

Yeah I saw it but have no clue how to install it on CoreElec. Some guide for “idiots” would be fantastic. :slight_smile:

I would suggest installing the xTeVe docker container on your Synology. Just search for “xteve” and pick the one named “bl0m1/xtevedocker”.
Configuring it using the web interface is almost self-explanatory, but here is a very detailed documentation:

Oh shit… I already run it in root of coreelec… on kiii pro.
Should I stop it and delete it and run it on nas? I thought it has to run on same device… how do I stop it?

I’ll leave it for now, because it’s working!
Thank you for all the help. And if I run into problems, I’ll try running it from NAS. But so far so good…

It doesn’t need to be run on the same device as TVH.
But you can keep it on CE, if it is already installed, of course.
I just thought it would be easier to install it on your Synology DS.