Tvheandend oscam configuration PLEASE HELP


Hi friends

I installed many versions of Libreelec and latelly coreelec in my wetek play 2. but never I have the oportunity to make them work.

previously to that I installed Ricardoz customized rom and works, but have many problems of quality and delay.

I see Libreelec/ Coreelec more robust, but no way.

could somebody give me some links for manuals that are complete and works?

or perhaps is there a customized rom that will work without so much knowledge of the system.

thanks for your help.



I use the tvheadend client part on 3 boxes and a Ubuntu server with tvheadend. Just install and input the adress to the server

This is maybe not what you are looking for but the client part work really good and is easy to set Up