Tvservice or equivalent

Changing from a RPi3 to Le Potato with Coreelec. In Openelec, I could use tvservice -o to turn-off a monitor nightly thru crontab. The system would reboot in the morning for a fresh start which then reset and restarted the monitor. This is used for a digital picture frame project. I have not been able to find tvservice or any equivalent so far in Coreelec. Have I missed something, is there an equivalent, or is there a way to load tvservice? Thanks

Maybe rephrasing will help - I’m looking for a way to control the HDMI output via a command line running in a cron script. Are there any other command in CE that I can use to control the monitor. Just being able to dim it down to like 5% would also work if it’s not possible to completely shut it off.

You could turn off the screen with the command: systemctl stop kodi. You can mute the sound with the command: kodi-send --action=mute

That works perfectly! I’ve tested running this in crontab and it works there as well. I can now use crontab to turn off the monitor at say 11:00pm and then run systemctl restart kodi and 8:00am to turn the monitor and display back on. I use the Picture Slideshow Screensaver mode to then kick in and run photos on the digital picture frame all day. Thanks.

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