TX3 mini S912 device


I buy a TX3 mini device, taht in the description say it has S905W CPU. But it comes with S912 CPU.

Which DTB must I add to the device?

This is the device info:

Thanks for all your help.

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take a look here CoreELEC - Device Trees

Only Kodi Leia aka CE 9.2.8 works for you if the cpu is S912. Or you can try old versions of CE.


I try this:

DTB: gxm_q201_2g
Image: CoreELEC-Amlogic.arm-9.2.8-Generic.img

It boot OK, but the ethernet port doesn’t work, it does not take a IP from DHCP, could I try other DTB?

Why is the reason that the S912 devices are not supported in the new releases?

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try another q201_2g dtb from other boxes, maybe will work

S912 was dropped for support because it is impossible to move it off of kernel 3.14. This kernel is so old it is no longer practical to port newer kodi’s such as Matrix to it. Unfortunately because of lack of video drivers for this chip it is impossible to achieve its maximum potential and so it performs little better than a S905x2


Because it´s EOL.
You bought a dead horse.
S912 was never full supported by any *ELEC because there are is no public GPU driver available.

Next time You can use CE 9.2.8, without support.

Lessions learned:
Buy cheap, buy twice

Thanks all,

The DHCP was my fault, with gxm_q201_2g DTB it works well.

Thanks for your help, kind regards.

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