TX5 PRO remote configuration differences between Coreelec releases

Hi guys! I have a TX5 PRO with this remote:

IMG_20181110_180416.jpg900x1600 161 KB

In the earlier releases of Corelec, the three bands button showed the channel list on the left side of the screen.

Now the home button and the three bands button instead show the bar with the left time and with the stop/pause/channel list/settings.

Is it possible to have again that function from the three bar button?


@DS-1 which version do you have installed?

I configured the original remote mapping for Tanix remotes that is included in CoreELEC and it has not changed, the 3 lines button is supposed to show you the context menu.

0x404045 KEY_MENU

It may be that the remote you have has slightly different IR codes, you will need to refer to the following thread How to configure IR remote control to check this.

@anon88919003 now I have the latest 8.95.6, but this “issue” is present from the earliest release of CoreElec.

I’ll follow the link you posted, thanks!