U-boot environment changing

Hi all !

Why is not possible to change u-boot environment in CoreELEC 9.2.1 for Odroid N2 ?
fw_printenv and fw_setenv does not works.
/dev/env and /dev/nand_env is not present.

P.S. “clean” installation of CoreELEC to uSD (-ng image).

Odroid devices do not have a bootloader environment.

Sorry for my dumb questions… but…

CoreELEC for Odroid do not have this environment or is a Odroid feature for all OS ?
I read this: https://wiki.odroid.com/odroid-n2/software/partition_table
And I see U-boot environment in this manual.
fw_setenv works (with little problems) in Android on this device.

If is a CoreELEC feature, is possible to add it to next release ?

We use vendor odroid u-boot and there is no /env partition. I don’t know if Android u-boot differ from our used one. You can use boot.ini for environment and commands or config.ini to set environment parameter only.

Is a bad news. :frowning:

Thanks for answer.