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I just updated (fresh install actually) to latest matrix build from 9.2.7, sadly my usb dac isn’t recognized anymore. The problem, I’m pretty sure, is the lack of CONFIG_USB_F_UAC2 in the kernel config. So it should be easy to remedy.

Cool, you know what: this option was never enabled, not in Amlogic nor in Amlogic-ng in 9.2.
So I am not sure…

Hmm, maybe amlogic used their own custom implementation? Above option is the mainline way.
Actually I didn’t do any deep digging about this (regular log didn’t show anything), maybe I could try later to dig a bit.

Hey again, sorry for the confusion. Actually it’s the usb port in the back that’s the problem. It seems to have stopped working altogether. I have the mini m8s ii, and I used the usb port just before upgrading to matrix.

This is a common device so strange that I don’t find any threads about this. I found this, but doesn’t seem to be my issue.

Well, I also installed atvxperience (android9) to get newer bootloader or somesuch before upgrading to latest coreelec. Possibly that’s the issue.

maybe this? don’t know…
you need to dump your android dtb and compare the values.

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In kernel source, this is what “gxl_p212_2g.dts” says:
“controller-type = <1>; /** 0: normal, 1: host, 2: device*/”
So 3 isn’t a valid choice I think.

I guess I should start a new topic, but first I’ll see if I can boot into previous coreelec version just to test if usb works there.

Wait… I’m a bit confused with “android dtb”. You see the reason I installed atvxperience as mentioned, was to get a dtb partition, or a newer partition scheme or whatever. That way I could use ceemmc to install in single boot mode.

So is this “android dtb” used instead now, or?

Ok, so you can disregard most of this. I made a new thread here.
I’ve uploaded my android dtb.

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