Ugoos AM6 Plus with CoreElec and EmuElec

Hello everyone.

I have a Ugoos AM6 Plus box which has the Ugoos Android and CoreElec dual boot firmware. I would like to go back to the simple Android firmware and install CoreElec and EmuElec (stand-alone) in the internal memory of the TV box to have CoreElec updates more quickly. Is it possible ? in what way?

Thank you all

Hi, I have this box running the same dual boot f/w and don’t have any problems updating CE to any available newer versions. Not sure how to install emuelec to internal emmc but you can have CE only running and EE running from sd card. Will have to flash your box again and use ceemmc tool with putty to wipe over android image with CE. Can get your android img file here:- 2.54 GB folder on MEGA

Ugoos locked the bootloader starting with ver 0.3.9 which will prevent you from installing to internal. Dual boot should let you update CoreELEC perfectly fine though.

If you change the CoreElec skin, how do you go back to android with the dual firmware ?
With the base skin, you just have to maintain power, but if you change your skin?

Modify Your skin

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OK, thanks.

Is there a tutorial available? or written resources to help me?

This is a related topic(use search functionality):

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Thanks, that’s exactly what I needed.

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