Ummm is it me or has the Audio just completely changed?

Urrr ok this is weird…

After the video stutter issue that was just fixed thanks guys, nightly just updated to the latest.

Is it me or have you done something to the audio?

My bass unit was set to 0, all off a sudden i have no bass, ive set to PLUS 6 which is the highest i can go and its still lame. 0 used to shake the house down. Something changed?. My end? Or im going deaf?

No issues here on latest nightly. Try unplugging your AVR’s power cable for a couple of minutes and try again.

Yep back to normal, how weird was that like, ???

I’ve been using AVRs for decades now. During that time, this happened to me maybe, twice. The first time it happened I even reset it - that didn’t fix it. I thought I had an expensive brick in my hands.

I unplugged it because I was preparing to physically remove it from my entertainment center. Something told me to plug the power cable back in again and voilà! Problem gone.

Very likely that this was a Latch-up caused by ESD or bad hot-plugging. this can only be fixed by powercycle. Nowadays most equipment has no real main-switch (which physically disconnects power), therefore unplugging of power cable needed.

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Yeah so weird, never happened before, mind you im getting old so could have been my ears lol