Unable to record on SD card (SOLVED)


when I start a recording it immediately stops and timeshifting does not work too. I have a 32GB SD card. And I cannot find here how to make logs for you.

In TVheadEnd web it says to me “Time missed”

Thx for understanding


edit: so wrong folders were set by default by coreelec :frowning:

These are default folders configured by the addon and not by CoreELEC.
TVheadend is simple to use, but hard to master. You should check every configuration instead of keeping the default values.

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Log into your tvhead webpage.

configuration, recordings, under default profile on left, the parameter box will open on the right, select advanced view, on recording file options, set the path there, sd card, will be under media, I think.

you can set time padding etc there, somewhere the is a place, to set record from epg.

if you have installed to sd, then it won’t be under media

Personally, I use coreftp lite, to log into the device, create a folder under storage called recordings, then set this path in the config