Understanding RC install; need map table

Hi there,
My background;
Raspberry RPi2B with LibreElec, USB Flirc and Universal RC Sony RM VLZ620.
Setup; Teach the URC codes from an old RC with IRScrutinizer, IR emitter/receiver on RPi. Map the Flirc codes <> keyboard keys from Kodi keyboard controls. Add 1 or 2 special commands with the add-on keyboard editor.
Flirc allows to enter modifier+key (Alt, Shift, Ctrl)
Working perfectly

New install Odroid N2+ with CoreElec 19.4
I tried with Flirc, it’s working but CE take the signal too fast and I get leaps over commands. I need to press the RC buttons very fast.
My target is to use the N2 receiver, I did a lot of reading.
I understand that for new installation I should use Meson IR. There are 2 how-to but only one is updated to CE 19 the other one not.

Now I need a map table with function name <> Kodi action, similar to the above link. Where can I find it?
Many thanks

As stated in same post:

Sorry for my bad English; The other one is not up-to-date. See here
But maybe I don’t understand the difference between “KEYMAP” and “map file”. Could you tell me?

What about the map table; namespace <> Kodi action?

Two configuration files are required to control the IR remotes behavior: a key mapping file (KEYMAP), containing a table with an association between the scan codes and the corresponding kernel namespace, and the file rc_maps.cfg, binding the KEYMAP to the Meson IR protocol.

The KEYMAP file is usually named after the device and has to be the same in the rc_maps.cfg file.

See here for an example

The remotes wiki doesn’t cover toml. toml is covered in the toml wiki

Thank you Betatester for your explanation.

This confirms that the remotes wiki “Meson IR: Creating a KEYMAP file from scratch” is NOT updated for CE19, ie: No " " in the syntax, no .toml file.

These 2 wikis are aimed at the different public. The first one is for users like me to set up an RC in CE, the second is no help for users but handy for developers. The only updated how-to for Meson-IR is the “How to configure IR remote control”, link above.
Now the remain unanswered question; Where can I find a table with the kernel namespace and the Kodi action related. I mean a sentence that explains Kodi and even the OS behaviour.
Today the table “Keyboard controls” is out of date.
For example;

  • What is the difference in Kodi action between KEY_SPACE and KEY_PLAYPAUSE
  • What is the difference in Kodi action between KEY_LEFT and BTN_LEFT
    and more. I’d guess developers have this type of table.
#define KEY_LEFT         105
#define BTN_LEFT         0x110

#define KEY_SPACE        57
#define KEY_PLAYPAUSE    164

As seen above, they have different event codes.

Look for input-event-codes.h

I understand the code is different but what happens in Kodi if I send KEY_SPACE vs KEY_PLAYPAUSE? Will it act the same?

I see there is no mapping table everyone has to test, this is not very productive.
The file you pointed lists the defines but not the actions, this is roughly the namespace info.
If there is a header at the top of each function I could help to make the table but I am not skilled to go further.
Do you think it is valuable to make it? Maybe in a thread to get help from users? Don’t you think developers have this document?

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