[Unofficial] moonlight-embedded

i can’t pair to my desktop. i’ve used my laptop to pair to my desktop and it works, but my le potato won’t. anyone know what i should do to get it to work?

Pairing only works through the commandline (moonlight pair) which is accessible through ssh, not the gui. Try searching through this thread for some of these issues, they’ve been covered quite well.

it doesn’t seem to work anymore. Is development over?

What coreelec version you are using? I hope its not, iam waiting for qt version :smiley:

What isnt working for you? I use it nearly every day

There will never be a qt version because kodi does not use qt on coreelec, it uses gbm and engages directly with the metal & kernel.

There is no windowing system for qt apps. That is why it uses moonlight-embedded instead of moonlight-qt

strange, there is kodi addon, launcher for moonlight-qt, but moonlight it compiled for rpi and x86.

*ELEC uses gbm

Its not a matter of compilation. Its a matter of platform and graphics pipelines

iam talking about that

its addon to start moonlight-qt in libreelec, but someone must compile moolight-qt for amlogic. its not my league :slight_smile:

Oh this isnt installing moonlight-qt on libreelec. Its install moonlight-qt in docker.

Essentially the plugin uses Docker to download Debian Buster and install Moonlight

So what you have here is moonlight-qt on debian, on libreelec.