Unpredictable IR Wake Response with Logitech Harmony

Hi folks,

I have an N2 connected to an Onkyo amplifier through to an LG OLED and all are controlled by a Logitech Harmony hub as CEC is purposefully disabled. The Harmony profile used was an Odroid C2 and it shows up in the devices list as a Hardkernel Media Player.

The power button on this profile successfully works for the N2 and powers off the device pretty much all the time. However when powering on the N2 it can take multiple attempts before it responds to the IR instruction sometimes and this makes using it as an activity a chore for other members of the family.

I have tried syncing using a bluetooth dongle and whilst this works for suspending the N2, it won’t wake it up afterwards.

Also I was hoping it may wake from a keyboard input through the USB ports so I could program a Flirc to wake the N2 but that doesn’t work either.

Is there any reason why the IR might be so unpredictable for this command and is there any other ways I could look at waking the N2?