Unsupported Amlogic S922X TV Boxes Watchlist

I opened this topic for members to be made aware of Chinese Boxes that will be released with the S922X Chip and the pitfalls in purchasing a Chinese S922X without proper SOFTWARE Support.

Do NOT ask for support here.
Read this Support/builds for other s922x devices

I purchased the CoreELEC supported ODROID N2 Today.
Below is what i Paid.
Just putting it out there , as i don’t find the Hardware expensive.
The Shipping is not expensive as it is Express Air Freight.
In my country AU we do not pay import tax under $ 1000 AUD .
EXCEPT if you buy from Aliexpress / Gearbest / Ebay etc our Government makes them collect GST 10% regardless of the cost of the purchase.

ODROID-N2 with 2GByte RAM × 1 $63.00
12V/2A PSU Australia plug × 1 $ 5.50
ODROID-N2 Case Clear × 1 $ 4.00
Subtotal: $72.50
Shipping: $28.50
Payment method: PayPal
Total: $101.00 USD

Beelink GT1-King has been announced, it goes on sale in ~mid-april, it has an S922X and gigabit ethernet: https://androidpctv.com/beelink-gt1-king-amlogic-s922x/

This will likely be quite a lot cheaper delivered than the odroid-n2.


Thanks @kostaman. I am really looking forward to the N2, I have a cheap Tanix T92 that do a decent job, but I will switch this for N2 as soon as I can (The Minix U9-H is really nice though, it is a keeper, for now).
Just a question, where did you buy this from? I can only find the 4gb version.
Of course, 4gb is better than 2gb, but I do think 2gb is sufficient, don’t you think? :slight_smile:

Sorry, just noticed that @anon88919003 posted the link in the main thread for Odroid N2. Strange, I couldnt find it just by browsing the hardkernel website!

Just for reference, I will pay $87 for the N2 with power supply, clear case and 16gb emmc. Adding 25% tax in my case will land on almost $110.
Shipment fees is $35, so in total it would cost me $145. You certainly get what you pay for, that is an universal rule, but I do understand why people try to get these china boxes to work.

A Minix U9-H or Vero 4K+ or a KVIM2 cost just as much and are much older and inferior.

We are not talking big money here in the grand scheme of things, compared with the cost of a new TV or AVR, it’s what… the same cost as a few Blu-Rays? :wink:

If the cost is prohibitive then S905 boxes are a great alternative.

I couldn’t agree more with you, @anon88919003. A Minix isn’t exactly cheap either. If I could do the same choice today, I wouldn’t even look at the Minix. But at the time when I purchased it, the alternatives were quite few. Today, it is a no-brainer, espacially as you say when we pay $1000-2000 for a nice TV, why just don’t pay 60-70 dollars extra over these cheap chinese crap to get the real deal.

My total (board and clear case) came to $111 for 4GB version.

How is this S922X (4-core) compared to S912 (8-core) in terms of performance and efficiency?

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The S922X is a hexa-core, not quad-core. It has four A73 cores and two A53 cores. The S912 has eight A53 cores, which are pretty weak.
It’ll be much faster than a S912, especially when it comes to graphics or heavy single threaded loads.


For CoreELEC 2GB Ram is plenty.
I purchased a Rock64 with 4GB Ram last year which runs LE and the extra 2GB was a waste of money. Barely uses 15% of the 4GB.

2x more CPU power, 20 % GPU vs. S912
Just 30 % overall vs S905X2
S912 is still a very good product. With CE I’d probably not see a difference.

In reality probably not so much different according to this.

I will probably buy the next generation that would be probably higher than limited Shield. Does not worth much for me.

You are right and I meant to say S922X is a 6-core.

In that case, we will probably see some decrease in price for some S912 based Android TV Boxes.

Since the performance won’t be any difference on CE (according to the above statement), I would just stick with an S912 platform (which probably costs much less than an S922X platform).

Forgeting about Netflix 1080p and USB 3.0?
For me, only those 2 justify the price of $63 ($79-4GB)

Compared to Minix U9-H which is the best S912 box, with old Kernel for 120$, it’s a no brainer for me

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S912 is big.Little. It has 4 cores with the same clock as the S905 and 4 with lower clock speed.
I don’t see much benefit over S905
S922X is a game changer.

Well it is a hell lot faster than S912 and S905 and the GPU is superior to both of them.
Can’t speak for benchmarks but it is pretty impressive and you do notice the speed improvements in CE.

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And 905 & 912 cores never worked IRL at declared 2.0 GHz, allways clocked down to 1.5 for stability.

S905X2 should be good enough but I’m really impressed how much faster that S922X is while having the same power consumption.

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For me 4K HDR or CE GUI is superfast with S912 despite I have 1080p SDR and running on SD. I bet I’d not notice a difference :slight_smile:

But definitely I’m buying the next generation. But now I bet S922X is in reality in average just 50-80 % faster in overall.

It depends what you need. I’d never buy S912 because of the libhybris crap. But I would definitely not throw out a working device just because there is something better. I was using my Odroid C2 with is S905 (gxb) for years because I didn’t need HDR.