Up/Down channel switch (Zapping) stops working

Hello everyone!
My Odroid N2 is on CoreELEC 9.2.2 but the problem also occured on 9.2.1
I did not find any useful information on the internet yet so here is my problem:
Sometimes I watch live TV, when im finished, I stop the stream but i do not shutdown (Odroid running 24/7). If i dont reboot for a few days, the UP/Down Keys cant be used to switch channels when watching live TV anymore. I can use EPG and choose channels - just zapping doesnt work anymore.
This happens randomly after 2-3 days of no reboot.
Even with Yatse (Android App) I can not zap anymore, until i restart Kodi or Reboot system.
After restart kodi or reboot system - everything works again for about 2 or 3 days.

Does anybody else has this problem, too?
Shall i supply a logfile? How to do a log where we can see the button-presses?

I would like someone to answer your question although I think the answer is difficult. Software, firmware, and electronics almost always contain bugs that can cause us to lose control of the device under certain circumstances.

The easiest way to keep a device running 24/7 is through a periodic restart (daily, weekly or monthly). Fortunately doing this in CoreELEC is very easy, for example including the following program lines in the /storage/.config/autostart.sh script

# daily restart at 5 a.m.
echo "0 5 * * * systemctl reboot" > /storage/.config/crontab.conf
crontab /storage/.config/crontab.conf

(I have far from me an unattended CoreELEC device working since mid-February without problems in this way, accessing it via remote ssh/sftp to install/uninstall/adjust services, system updates, …)