Update is available widget how to disable it ?

I get this little widget :: coreelec update is available in little widget windows every 15mn… I want to disable it I dont know how I can do that …can you help to disable this widget ? By mistake I downloaded the update from 9.0.2 to 9.2 and I deleted this update file in update folder and now I see this widget every 15mn… its annoying I would like to disable this thing thanks for help (automaticupdate are already manual and off…)

Turn off automatic updates. It’s probably re-downloading the 9.2 update file after you delete it.

hahaha thanks but if this was so easy I did NOT post… unfortunately all this option are already turned OFF . and this widget is still there every 15mn …and NO coreelec did NOT redownload the update deleted in update folder, the folder is empty

Are you on Nightly? Automatic updates cannot be disabled on the nightly images.

nightly 9.0.2 ? I dont think so, 9.0.2 is final build

Err no 9.2.0 is release

Try a fresh install and see what happens?

the problem was fixed, I just have to reboot the box… thx not interested by 9.2.0 build… I just have a little windows now every time I open the TV “an update is available do you want to download it”? …??? but anyway all my settings are off about any update