Update pop up and screensaver

Not sure I’d call it a feature but wasn’t sure where to post it.
I have Kodi running with a screensaver cause I sometimes fall asleep and don’t want burn-ins on my TV.
I have the updates set to manual.
Last night I fell asleep and didn’t turn off the TV and when I woke up I saw the “update available” pop up overlaying the screensaver.
This isn’t very good when you try to avoid burn-in. Can it be set to not do that?

I think it depends on the screensaver and perhaps the skin.
I use the black screen screensaver, and I don’t think that the update available popup appears when the screensaver is active.
Even if it is, the popup only lasts a few seconds. It shouldn’t cause any burn-in issues.

I am using an addon screensaver and not the default one. It allows me to have the clock bouncing around so I can tell the TV is on (though it’s not really pitch black like when the TV is off with any of the screensavers).
The pop-up didn’t look like it lasts just a few seconds. It was there when I woke up, so the chances are I woke up just as it came on are pretty slim. Is there a way to check it’s idle time on screen when no action is being taken?

Maybe it’s a problem with your screensaver then. I have an OLED and often leave it on for hours with the black screensaver and don’t have any problems.

Maybe. I’m usually pretty good at noticing when I’m about to drop and shut down the TV.
The screensaver was still working when I saw it, just the “update available” pop up on top of it.

Coreelec, system? updates, show updates well it’s somewhere there.

Hmm, yes. It’s possible there is a setting to not show updates. I will have to check later. Thanks.
I never update when the pop up shows anyway. I check first to see the change log and latest posts to make sure there isn’t some issue with the update.

Found that setting in CE’s menu and disabled it. Should be golden now I hope.
I noticed something called VESA modes there. I can’t really find much details on a quick search here.
Can someone clue me on what that does?

It means support for non-standard TV resolutions, such as 1366x768 or 2560x1440, etc.

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