Update to 8.90.2 Tanix TX3 Mini

Sorry , my box display there is an update, but never do this update, what i have to do? thank you
i already tried reboot, and ssh reboot update

Not sure if it will auto download, so I would go to the releases page, download manually & copy to the update folder

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Not until 8.90.2 is manually installed.
Next update 8.9.03 should download auto.:smiley:

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Just put in update folder tar file and over "ssh reboot update? " It will stay with all my configurations? vdf file and dtb.img?

Yes … all settings and other stuff remains. Just copy the .tar file to .update folder and make a reboot… that’s all and you’re happy :wink:

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You can also reboot from Kodi UI, it doesn’t matter.

Hi guys,

I’m running LE off a USB stick and would like to install CE 8.90.2 to another stick to preserve the ability to easily go back and forth. I will use Rufus to burn the .img file

Which of the dtb files do I need to copy to the main folder of the USB drive and rename to dtb.img if any?

What about FD628 drivers and .conf files?

While it would be great if the IR remote works, I’m OK to use my Bluetooth keyboard or the Kodi app on my smartphone for the UI.


If you are running LE 8.2 already from a USB stick then you already know which DTB to use?

If you had read the thread How to configure IR remote control you will see that remote control config for all Tanix devices are built into our images.

@TheCoolest has a thread detailing everything needed to get the VFD working here.

We spend hours of our time on this project and I do not think it unreasonable that you spend just a few minutes of your time to find the answers you seek.

everything works without configuration, if you want i will share all the files


Agree completely with you.

I’ve got it working now. It looks like I was using a custom dtb file for the TX3 Mini from LibreELEC rather than getting one from the device_trees folder in this distribution.

Regarding VFD, I mistakenly assumed that the support was built into that special dtb.img file

Sorry for the trouble and thanks for the great work!


Even the VFD?

No you must still copy vfd.conf to /storage/.config for that, everything else is ootb for Tanix devices