Update X96Air S905X3


I install Coreelec on my X96air last year using the eMMC.

Now, I’m stuck with the 9.2.8 version.

There are no update from a long time in auto mode.

If I go into manual update on the device, I see the new 19.5-Matrix_rc2 (Stable) version but I was wondering if it’s really comptatible with my X96air or will it ruin my stable installation ?

Thanks !

Better to make a fresh installation using SD card

Do you have an idea on how can the X96air run the newest version of Coreelec ?

You have CE on emmc already, so you can simply make a TF card with newest CE, boot box with it and install it to emmc using ssh command.
As you are upgrading across several major versions, with CE on TF booted, delete CE on you emmc first.

Actually, everything work fine.

Is it still like that on the last update ? Is there any known issues on my device with last update ?

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